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Reliable Heating Oil Delivery at a Great Price

Count on Penguin Energy for great heating oil pricing in Sullivan, Orange and Eastern Ulster counties

Life is busy and complicated enough, so your heating oil service should be simple, and that’s what Penguin Energy offers.

We have what you need for your home in the Hudson Valley and Catskills: quality heating oil at an affordable price.

Penguin Energy has been supplying heating oil to homes in Sullivan, Orange and Eastern Ulster counties since 1984. We have the experience to provide dependable heating oil delivery, and we offer some of the best heating oil pricing in Sullivan, Orange and Eastern Ulster counties .

No bells and whistles

Penguin Energy is a locally owned business. Our customers are our neighbors. We know what you need when it comes to home heating oil. We focus just on heating oil delivery, that is why we can offer discount heating oil at a great price.

heating oil delivery in sullivan county

With our simple business model, we keep our pricing direct and transparent. However you pay, with cash or credit card, you get the same low price.

In addition to No. 2 heating oil, we also offer kerosene and a winter mix. Fuel additives and tank treatments to prevent gelling are also available.

While Penguin Energy offers affordable heating oil, that most certainly does not mean we cut corners. We are committed to safety, and our experienced heating oil delivery specialists uphold that commitment. We also have high standards for customer service, so deliveries are made in a timely manner.

21st-century heating oil for Orange County & Nearby

What makes heating oil a great choice for your home?

Visualize a January day in our area. Maybe with a snowstorm thrown in for good measure. Now imagine coming home after a long day. Your priority is getting your home warm, and getting it warm fast.

That’s where heating oil stands tall above the rest. Heating oil gets your home warm faster than any other kind of home heating system.

Heating oil is also tops for efficiency. It burns up to 20% more efficiently than gas heating, and is up to 30% more efficient than heating with electricity.

Today’s heating oil isn’t your grandpa’s heating oil. Over the past few decades, the fuel has become cleaner burning. Combine that with the major improvements that have been made to oil heating systems which make them more efficient, and you can use heating oil to keep your home warm with few or no emissions.

Take advantage of our quality heating oil and great prices. Become a Penguin Energy customer today!