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Propane: Versatile, Clean and Green

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Rez-Bear Propane provides the same quality service you’ve grown accustomed to since 1984.

There are many reasons to make Rez-Bear your propane company. As a sister company to Penguin Energy, Rez-Bear Propane provides the same quality service you’ve grown accustomed to since 1984.

If all you know about propane is that it runs your BBQ grill, we’ve got a lot to show you!

You may be surprised at all that propane can do for your home, and how much better it can do those things than any other fuel source. When we’re done, you’ll see why Rez-Bear through Penguin Energy should be your choice for propane delivery in upstate New York.

We’ve got five facts about propane that may interest you:

  1. When you buy your propane from a local provider like Penguin Energy, more of your money stays right here in your community. The overwhelming majority of our propane supply is made in the United States. In fact, the propane industry contributes $46 billion to the U.S. gross domestic product.
  2. Did you know that propane is listed as an alternative fuel in the 1990 expansion of the Clean Air Act? That’s because propane emits fewer greenhouse gases than other fuel sources. Also, it won’t damage the water, the soil or the air if there is a spill.
  3. propanePropane can keep you and your home warm in many ways. It runs furnaces, boilers, fireplaces and hearths. You can add propane space heaters to spaces like sunrooms and garages so that you can use them all year round. And propane is an efficient fuel for running your water heater.
  4. Propane makes your everyday life better. Your cooking is easier and better when you have the instant and precise temperature control that comes with a propane gas stove. Propane clothes dryers are more energy-efficient and get your laundry dry faster, with fewer wrinkles.
  5. When it comes to outdoor living, there’s a lot more to propane than just the barbecue grill, although that’s pretty awesome too, as it allows you fast, safe and easy grilling for everything from weeknight suppers to a big family cookout. You can use your pool longer with a propane pool heater. Propane patio and deck heaters, fire pits and outdoor fireplaces make your backyard a perfect gathering spot.

With safe and reliable propane delivery from Rez-Bear through Penguin Energy, you can have a better, greener and more energy-efficient home. Contact Penguin Energy today to learn more and become a propane delivery service customer!